Vogue calls Daphne Cheng a "fashionable chef"

"A new food frontier has arrived and it looks mighty leafy. From spring’s unveiling of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s much-hyped, organic and vegetable-focused regimen to gloriously inspired vegetarian Instagrams and now to the lauded debut of a 100 percent plant-based burger, we’ve arrived in a modern, bountiful, and, dare we say, sexy herbivore era."

"This month, DeRossi’s new West Village eatery, Ladybird (taking its title from a Nancy Sinatra song), serves textural tapas delights like vegetable charcuterie featuring smoked carrot, beet chorizo, mushroom pâté, assorted cheeses, and fig compote alongside a light gazpacho trio with honeydew, watermelon, and sweet corn. Its fashionable chef, Daphne Cheng, finds it easy to stay inspired. “New flavor pairings, plays on texture and color—the number of permutations is endless,” Cheng says, “I could create new dishes and flavor profiles every day for the rest of my life and still never scratch the surface.” And, bonus dining-out points: 10 percent of the proceeds benefit DeRossi’s BEAST Foundation, dedicated to ending the inhumane treatment of animals.

Not ready for the full revolution? When dining out, chef Cheng recommends a few simple swaps to eat more vegetables."

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