On EcoCult: Rising Star Daphne Cheng - Vegetable-Focused, Female, Nice - Is Breaking All The Chef Stereotypes

"Work hard and be nice. Daphne Cheng, a plant-based chef who is making waves in the New York City vegetarian, restaurant, and health scenes, is living proof of this adage.

The best way to meet this well-connected entrepreneur is by snagging an invitation to one of her opening parties or girlboss potlucks, which are invariably so packed with health scene luminaries, that you can barely hear her soft voice over the din. But don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor; she’s the very definition of scrappy, fighting her way through an eating disorder, academic malaise, and New York City real estate disasters to become the powerhouse that she is.

And it’s clear this is only the beginning of her career. Consider this her first full profile, one of what I’m sure will be many."


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