Celebrity Chef Daphne Cheng is one of the most highly sought after plant-based chefs in the world.

She travels the world to cook and host dinner parties for the world’s changemakers: from celebrities, CEOs, influencers, and nonprofits, with clients including Stella McCartney, Jessie J, Chris Hemsworth, MIA, Vera Wang, Moby, and numerous top Chinese stars. After hosting dinner parties serving over 40,000 guests, she’s built a vast international network of tastemakers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and changemakers across all industries.

Daphne has been featured in 100s of media outlets in the US and China from Forbes, Vogue, SELF, WSJ, Eater, Well+Good, HK Economic Times, and more.

Cheng is considered a pioneer in haute, vegetable-focused cuisine. With her hyper-sensitive palate and creative vision, she focuses the culinary spotlight on fresh, seasonal vegetables. She challenges the status quo, believing that vegetables can and should be the centerpiece of a meal. 

Cheng is a classically trained chef, but considers herself largely self-taught. She most enjoys juxtaposing ingredients and flavors in unusual ways, defying her father’s repeated admonishments, “Don’t play with your food.” The resulting dishes can be all at once elegant, provoking, and even bizarre, but most importantly delicious. Her global flavor palette evokes memories you just can’t seem to place.

Her venture Superhuman is building an O2O platform of restaurant chains, food & beverage products, and online media that makes eating and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle fun, appealing, and cool.


世界知名的名厨Daphne Cheng是最受瞩目的纯素厨师之一。她在12岁时成为了素食主义者,然后变成纯素主义者并在14岁时发现她对烹饪的热爱,Daphne认定,帮助人们吃得更好是她的人生使命。

她前往世界各地为推动世界的改变者烹饪和举办晚宴,包括名人、CEO、影响者和非营利组织。客户包括Stella McCartney,Jessie J,Chris Hemsworth,MIA,Vera Wang,Moby以及众多顶级中国明星。在举办超过5年的晚宴,为超过4万名客人提供服务之后,她在各行各业建立了庞大的企业家、影响者和变革者的国际社交圈。


达芙妮在福布斯,Vogue,SELF,WSJ,Eater,Well + Good,经济时报等众多美国与中国的媒体、杂志都曾展露头角。


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