Daphne Cheng is a pioneer in haute, plant-based cuisine. With her hyper-sensitive palate and creative vision, she focuses the culinary spotlight on fresh, seasonal vegetables. She challenges the status quo, believing that vegetables can and should be the centerpiece of a meal. 

Cheng is a classically trained chef, but considers herself largely self-taught. She most enjoys juxtaposing ingredients and flavors in unusual ways, defying her father’s repeated admonishments, “Don’t play with your food.” The resulting dishes can be all at once elegant, provoking, and even bizarre, but most importantly delicious. Her global flavor palette evokes memories you just can’t seem to place.

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JULY 2016 - Ladybird, a globally inspired vegetable tapas restaurant, opens in the West Village.

JUNE 2016 - Daphne closes Exhibit C. due to landlord disputes.

JANUARY 2016 - Prolific restaurateur Ravi DeRossi asks Daphne to lead Mother of Pearl as executive chef in it's transition to a plant-based restaurant.

SEPTEMBER 2015 - Cheng launches EXHIBIT C. in the Lower East Side as a gathering place for influencers and platform for chefs and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents. 

JANUARY 2015 - Daphne closes Suite ThreeOhSix due to building demolition plans.

OCTOBER 2014 - Acclaimed plant-based Chef Matthew Kenney invites Daphne to co-host a dinner at the NYC Wine & Food Festival. Daphne is as one of the youngest and few female chefs in the whole festival.

MAY 2013 - Daphne launches Suite ThreeOhSix, a vegetable fine dining supperclub. She serves up ever-changing multi-course dinners to over 4500 guests in one and a half years. The supperclub becomes massively popular, with every dinner selling out.  Through her renegade dinner parties, Cheng has garnered a cult following of foodies - both omnivorous and herbivorous alike.

DECEMBER 2010 Daphne launches a boutique vegan catering company, Shortly upon graduation from culinary school. The company counted among its clients numerous high profile individuals, companies, nonprofits and celebrities including Vera Wang, Alec Baldwin, Lea Michele, Eric Lewis, and Peter Max.

JANUARY 2010 - Daphne arrives in New York, enrolling in culinary school. She works part-time as a real estate agent on the side.

APRIL 2008 - Daphne drops out of UC Berkeley and begins to learn what life is.

AUGUST 2007 - Daphne attends the University of California, Berkeley, to study Nutritional Science.